Welcome to the Vitos Orthopedic Clinic Kassel (Vitos Orthopädische Klinik Kassel), one of the largest specialist clinics for operative and conservative treatment of the entire musculoskeletal system, located at the foot of the world cultural heritage site Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe.

How to find us

Vitos orthopedic clinic Kassel
Wilhelmshöher Allee 345
34131 Kassel
T +49 (0) 561 - 30 84 - 300
F +49 (0) 561 - 30 84 - 302

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The Clinic

Our facility contains over 140 beds including an intensive care and monitoring unit. Around 5,500 in-patients yearly get conservative and operative treatment. Our range of surgical procedures are implemented in four modern operating rooms. We are able to take care of every musculoskeletal illness from head to toe, as you would expect from a specialty hospital for orthopedic therapy.


General Orthopedics, Endoprosthetics
Prof. Dr. Guido Heers,
Chief Physician

With more than 1,200 operations annually, providing patients with artificial joints in cases of knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, ankle, finger and toe illnesses due to wear and tear is one of our core areas of expertise. We are proficient at careful, minimally invasive surgical procedures, are pioneers in innovative prosthesis models and special implants and are the main center in Germany for follow-up care and revisions in cases with complicated developments due to our extensive experience.

Spinal Orthopedics
Dr. Rafael D. Sambale,
Chief Physician

The spinal orthopedics department includes both conservative and operative therapy. From the smallest minimally invasive to large spinal surgeries, you are in good hands. Doctors in the department of orthopedics, anesthetics, neurology, internal medicine and rheumatology work together on pain therapy in a holistic concept.

Pain Medicine, Vitos Pain Centre Kassel
Dr. Andreas Böger
Chief Physician

Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery, Sports Orthopedics
Dr. Christian Lörke, Head Senior Physician

Pediatric Orthopedics
Dr. Martin Bergmann, Senior Physician

Trauma Surgery
Dr. Cordula Röhm, Senior Physician

Rheuma Orthopedics, Hand and Foot Surgery
Dr. Kathryn Hassel, Senior Physician

Spinal Orthopedics
Dr. Sebastian Siegert, Head Senior Physician


We have been certified as a center for total joint arthroplasty of maximum medical care since 2013 – the only such facility in the region.
Two doctors on the FOCUS top rankings treat the patients in our facility. Our experts have been in the rankings for hip, knee and spine surgery for years. Even the clinic itself lies in the top group of the hospitals listed by FOCUS: The facility has been recommended an above-average number of times by registered doctors, receives top marks for the qualification of doctors and nursing staff, for its equipment, for the interdisciplinary treatment of patients and for clinic hygiene.


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